What You Need To Know Before Renting Shipping Containers in Los Angeles

Shipping containers can be an affordable option for your LA business to store items both long term and short term. If you are looking for a temporary solution to keep your things on the job site, you can consider renting shipping containers in Los Angeles. In this article, we will tell you about the renting basics and things that make these units a great choice for your storage needs.

#1 What Are The Shipping Containers Made Of?

These types of containers are made of corrugated weathering steel to withstand the extreme temperatures. Corrugated refers to the way in which the steel is hot-dipped and then cold-rolled to develop a unique linear pattern across the structure. The design helps in increasing the durability and strength of the steel.

Weathering refers to the specific chemical composition in which the steel is made. It adds more resistance to corrosion and weather damage as compared to the other types of steel. The shipping containers are designed in a way to sustain the harsh weather and different storage conditions.

#2 What Is The Shelf Life Of A Shipping Container?

The shelf life for a new shipping container is about 20 years. There are generally used for ten years before being inspected for any damage or repair.

#3 What You Need To Know About A Typical Rental Contract

The rental contract may range between a few months to many years, depending upon the requirements of your business. Most of the suppliers offer a minimum one-month contract with a 30-day termination policy. Several suppliers let you go month-to-month giving you the flexibility to extend your contract or end it on short notice.

#4 How To Pay For The Shipping Containers

Most of the suppliers will take cash, credit card or check payments. In case of rentals, they usually charge the total amount of first billing cycle’s rent along with the delivery and pick-up fees. Make sure you discuss about the payment options in advance.

#5 Things To Check When Inspecting The Shipping Container Physically

Before buying a shipping container, it is essential for you to physically check the container in person or hire a professional to do it for you. It is important to examine the containers to make sure that it is acceptable to rent. Inspect the containers thoroughly, walk into a container during the daytime, close the doors to inspect for any holes from where sun light shines through. Also, look closely to see if there are any signs of rust damage or dents. You must also check the condition of doors, flooring, and locking mechanism. Inquire whether the container is treated chemically. Don’t forget to get on the roof and inspect thoroughly for any hole, rust or dent.

It is recommended that you inspect the shipping containers in Los Angeles in person. If that is not possible, you may request the supplier to send pictures to you, but it is best to have someone trustworthy be physically present. Make sure the supplier sends you photos of the original container that you will be renting and not of similar types of containers.

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